how to sell your home


The housing market here in Orlando may be booming - and prices are at all-time high - but that doesn't mean sellers like you should leave things up to fate. 

It’s no secret that professional realtors can make a big difference in the final result.  The Prestige Realty Group has a unique, fundamental philosophy in getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar. Over 70% of our home sales are under contract in less than 72hrs and at well above asking price. Over the past 3 months our listings have all gone under contract in under 48hrs, and all have sold for over $10,000 above asking price.

So, besides partnering with experts like us, what can a seller to do

1: Price your home to move

Other real estate professionals try to sell you on the idea that they will list your home well above what its worth. This is, at best, a flawed strategy! They key to maximizing the values of offers is  pricing your home at market value. This will attract buyers and may even trigger a bidding a war on your home, driving up offers further.

By pricing it to high out of the gate, your home will sit. If you allow it to sit to long , you will need to reduce the price and let buyers know you are eager to sell. This can result in thousands of dollars of lost value. 

2: Set a deadline for offers

Time is money. You want your home sold fast and we want to attract buyers. By setting a deadline on offers, a seller often receive multiple offers on the home, thus allowing you the opportunity to choose the best contract. Create a sense of urgency to tap into a buyer’s psychology:  no one wants to miss out or be outbid on their dream house. 

 3: Take a different view of listing photos

A picture tells a thousand words and taking the right picture at the right angles is key to attracting buyers. We recommend about 20-25 photos to truly capture the essence of the home and give buyers different views.  For larger homes, we also recommend the use of the drone to provide overhead shots of the property and surrounding areas. We work with the finest team of photographers who specialize in real estate to generate professional, enticing shots of your property. Buyers love photos!

 4: Stage an over-the-top house

It’s a fact: no home will sell quickly, or for top dollar, if its cluttered. When selling your home, a buyers first impression the moment they walk in is what will make or break the sale. Before taking photos, make sure all counters are cleared, the kitchen is in order, the bathroom is scrubbed and nicely appointed, and the bedroom is tidy. It may take extra time to stage the home the best you can, but when you have that large offer in hand, it all becomes worth it.

The team at Prestige Realty Group employs these practices and more to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Contact us today and let’s put these best practices to work for you!