bathroom upgrades

Whether you believe in power of bathrooms or remain washed-out about your washroom, the simple fact is this: bathrooms sell homes. Coming in a close second to the kitchen in terms of your home’s room appeal, a bathroom can provide a sense of style and sophistication... or it can send potential buyers away screaming.

The good news: your bathroom doesn’t have to be a masterpiece in order to sell your home. In fact, there are steps you can take now, today, to maximize your style points without breaking the bank. In addition to consulting real estate professionals, here are some things sellers like you need to avoid, along with some tips about maximizing your bathroom pizzazz.

1. Say Goodbye To Big, Clunky Medicine Cabinets

While great for stocking band aids, Pepto Bismol and every skin care item under the sun, a big, overwhelming medicine cabinet is most definitely out of style. It can make your bathroom look smaller and out of date. Luckily, this one is an easy fix – simply remove your old medicine cabinet and replace with a streamlined mirror.

2. One-Tone Show = No, No, No

Speaking of clutter, you don’t want to go the wrong way round, either. Too simple is, simply, not ideal. While white bathrooms are nice, keeping every wall and furnishing in your bathroom that color will remind potential buyers of a padded room. Add in some warm colors and stay away from the monochrome treatment. 

3. Toilet Skirts and Fuzzy Seat Covers Are Out

Oh no. Please, please, do yourself a favor and pull up that old, ratty purple fuzzy toilet rug. Sure, it may feel good on your toes early in the morning, but it’s tragically out of date and will remind buyers of the olden days – and not in a good way. 

4. Empty Spaces Are Wasted Opportunities

The opposite of too much clutter? Too much wasted space. A grand bathroom is wonderful, but if you neglect the basics – a place to set your toothbrush, a cabinet for storing necessities – it makes it harder for potential buyers to envision themselves in the space. Do yourself a favor and stage a bathroom with the same care you’d take with the rest of your house.

5. Keep The Books At Bay

We get it. You – ahem – like using your time on the throne to catch up on some light reading . Getting a few chapters deeper into Harry Potter, perhaps? Whatever literature you’ve got piled up, it’s time to move it out.  Even if you’ve got everything piled in a kitchy basket, there’s simply no space for it when it comes to showing your home.



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